About Us

 Who We Are

Creambeet exists to create contemporary apparel that expresses love and peace in a way that touches people on a profound level. We aim to create on-trend fashion with a unique, modern, and artistic style to help you share the voice of hope, peace, and love through positive messages in everyday life.

We strongly believe that faith, hope, and love will last forever and the greatest of these is love. 


What 'Creambeet' Means

There is no such word that accurately describes the relentless and passionate love for humanity. We have created the brand-new word Creambeet which represents true love metaphorically.

Like the cream on hot chocolate, love is pure and tender. When we are in true love, we never treat you carelessly but respect every little thought, listen to your smallest moaning sound of a lament in your hearts, and look compassionately at our weaknesses. We never threaten you but always give peace and hope, embracing your soul with tenderness and love. 

Like the dark crimson red color of beet, the true love is vibrant and strong. We pursue you passionately and never cease to love you. We believe the love has infinite lengths to come near to you and nothing- - absolutely nothing - can separate you from true love. 

Creambeet represents the kaleidoscope of agape love. While we can’t grasp the depth of true love, we can observe both tender and pure love in conjunction with passionately, pursuing love. Through our products, Creambeet strives to become the aroma of such love to all people.